Usually a new drawing or a new collection springs out from a personal event in my life, a new experience or feelings that I have dealt with. This is how the ideas come into my mind. I want to talk about how I start working to put that thought on the paper.

Research is the first step and one of the most important.  When I begin working I start with a very complex research. Depending on what interests me, I look for images with ballerinas and dancers, fashion photography, and so on.

If my interest is the human body, I am studying the shapes or the way it moves and it reacts. If my interest is in textiles, I study the way the textiles bends on the human body in order to see how the folds envelope the body, and how it helps the movement of the body or maybe if it is in contract to this movement. If my curiosity relies on combining colors or constructing patterns I study elements from  nature, like butterflies, birds, gem stones are great resources for discovering new color combinations and new patterns.

This examination creates an idea of the sketch the drawing in my mind. /the next step is the put this sketch on the paper. For the first sketch I am using a 3H pencil, being careful not to press with the tip of the pencil to hard on the thick paper, thus when I have to erase the pencil there will be no marks or scratches left on the delicate paper.

new drawing_1

While working on the first drawing, the whole collections starts coming to life, and this thing happened so quickly that sometimes I have to take notes right on my working table so I will not forget my ideas.

After the sketch is done, I start thinking what colors should I use, or whether I should use any but black. And after I take these decisions I start working. Sometimes I see the next steps that I have to take further, while I am drawing. Other times I spend lots of time thinking, calculating where should I draw some more lines, in what direction, how does that help me?

For me, this is the path for starting a new drawing.