Artifact is pleased to announce an exhibition by a Romanian artist Beba. An opening reception for the artist will take place on Wednesday October 17, 2012 from 7 to 9 PM.


84 Orchard Street
Ground Floor
New York, NY 10002
[email protected]

Exhibition: October 17 - November 4, 2012
Reception: October 17, 2012    7 - 9 PM
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1 - 6 PM



Apart from her stylistic confidence and the embedded narratives that one might deduce from seeing her interlacing, the artist is primarily fascinated with a ontological investigation. Her artistic vision plumbs the depths of what constitutes our perceptions of coherency and indeterminateness, and where does one draw the line between the shapes of people and objects and their energetic force fields. The artist opts for an interpretation that insists on fluidity of boundaries and containers. Thus, a play of permeability is the dominant motif in the artist’s work.

Meshed within this overriding motif is the artist’s veneration of spatial play that insists on fabulous implausibility that fills the mind with haunting lines which can only be said to emerge out of a visionary understanding of the inner workings of the world. But it would also be accurate to say the artist’s vision has a dramatic undertone. And it is this undertone (in spite of the often bright coloristic apllications insinuating an uncanny admixture of surreal adumbration and Art Nouveau with flat Pop Art surface treatments) which gives the artist’s work its edgy feel, its haunting authenticity.

The viewer will also discern through Beba’s visual notations that the artist explores the theme of baroque and surrealist art: that of mutation and metamorphosis. The artist’s linear Gestalt-switches, in which one sees echoes of forms within other underlying forms, and in which one set of forms will fragment in order to give way to an incipient layer of coherence, is very much like a writing, a fluid mark making that recalls the conjuring up of “a past of non-linear writing”, mytho-grams comprised of superimpositions of images coalescing into other images very much as Paleolithic cave drawings in which animals and lines are painted over one another. This is a type of writing, in the broad sense, in which the material is used very much as a sheet of paper as a type of mystic writing pad on which, if we are to believe Freud, is a model of the psyche.

For more information and visuals please contact the gallery or Beba at [email protected]