Behind the historical building of the Romanian Athenaeum, Beba’s the first Romanian gallery, opened its gates.

In a blissful and welcoming space, you will be able to admire and purchase great works of art like paintings, glass and ceramic objects, clothes and jewelries. It is the truly ideal place to showcase masterpieces like that.  Born in Athens, with a vast experience that guided her from New York City to Bucharest, Beba started what would become a great artistic career. Her modern creations and visual interpretations have been the inspiration for a great deal of artists and art lovers. The incredible story of the artist is a source of inspiration or any artist. By creating this petite and impressive showcase store, Beba is opening a magical world of imagination to all that require a gem for their home or friends. Thus anyone who desires a small gift for someone special, a priceless souvenir, a source of inspiration or only to chat personally with Beba can visit the gallery. With over 100 uniquely created objects, each being a distinction of resourcefulness and sensitivity, based on nature and life itself, Beba Art Gift Shop is purely stunning. The objects are created meticulously by Beba, who can be seen applying her magic right within the gallery.  These can also be purchased online, our the gallery’s fan page: The expression of color and inspiration of the artist has been profoundly appreciated by the experts, can now be found with the walls of the gallery Beba Art Gift Shop.


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