My inspiration comes from ballet or dancing poses or from fashion shows. The main character in almost all my paintings is the female body. All my images are created using a female character, when a male character is displayed it is only used to highlight the female one, or to construe the relationship between the sexes. The male is used as an accessory, to the woman.

Maybe the most important feature of my art work is the fact that I am playing with reducing different body parts (like the face, or hands). Thus, I am defining different type of movements, or images, and portraying different sentiments by the lack of these elements.

The combination of colors is used to support the powerful sentiments expressed within my art. The different layers are very important as well. An object might appear on the top stratum, but if you follow it you will see that at it ends up on the bottom layer by the end.

The use of the dip pen on paper offers me the refinement and preciseness by opposing my movement, therefore giving me greater control. I use the brush to as a filling tool, or to keep increase the thickness of the lines on bigger works. The contrast is also very important, as I try to condense and simplify all the components of the main character. The volume and movement of my paintings is created only by lines.



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