The Romanian painter and graphic artist Maria Nedelcov, also known as Beba (1983 – present) is a central figure in the post-modernist movement. Born in Athens, with a trail of work that led her from Europe to the Middle-East to North America and back, her joyful works have delighted the eye for over ten years.

Her art is noted by a very strong nonetheless delicate visual elegance and a sensitive creative appeal.
The candor of message that transpires from her art is considered one of the best in the world.

After attending the Bucharest School of Fine Arts and learning classical painting from Mircia Dumitrescu,
Beba traveled to New York where under the care of great artists she exceled in a masters degree in both
in visual arts and management. In US she started the current modern expressionist art. Paintings like
the “Imagine us together”(2008) or the famous “Golden Ballerina” (2009) have paved the way to her
unique art and made many purchase her canvases for the feeling they radiate, not just the artistic value.
As a dear friend of the artist has pointed out in just one sentence: “c’est superbe! belles influences
de Jean Cocteau et Picasso” (“it is superb! beautiful influences of Picasso and Jean Cocteau”).

Between 2000 and 2004 her style has been completely different with the stokes of the brush, she
imagined collectors’ items and created items like the “Angel Wings” or “Women talking” that have been
very much appreciated by critics and art lovers alike.

In 2010 a private store has opened in Bucharest, showcasing only Beba’s works of art. It is one of the
only galleries dedicated to a sole artist but the vast success and the praises from the critiques have been
stepping stone to a series of galleries around the world.